Haydn Shadforth

Teaching Staff

Haydn comes from a background in competitive gymnastics and was named in the 2004 Olympic training squad at the age of 11 while training at the Western Australian Institute of Sport.

At age 13 Haydn retired from competitive gymnastics and fell head over heels in love with theatrical dance and spent the rest of his youth training as hard as he could to pursue a career in performing arts. Haydn started his training at John Clearly Dance company, however, the bulk of his training was at Jody Marshall Dance Company and Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts.

Haydn spent 10 years as a full-time professional dancer and acrobat touring the world, working for Tokyo Disney Resort as a lead dancer and Tap Soloist. Princess Cruises as a dancer and aerialist. Haydn also appeared as the only internationally cast member of “A Few Good Men, Dancin” a New York based dance company.

Haydn has performed at the Perth Fringe festival in 2019, 2020 & 2021 and also performs regularly at corporate events in Perth, you can even spot him in the opening credits of “Please like me” season 2, on Netflix.

As well as teaching and choreographing for K2Dance, Haydn spends his time coaching functional fitness at Avada CrossFit and is also the director of Sol Yoga Studio in O’Connor.  He loves to share his passion for movement, freedom and expression through dance, acrobatics functional fitness, and yoga.