Established in 2011, K2Dance is the largest non-competitive Dance Company in WA. Our business has seen rapid growth and has weathered many challenges to continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of West Australian children, teenagers and adults. Owned and established by best friends Kristal and Kristin (both working mothers) K2Dance employs over 30 staff, from our experienced professional working artists to young adults mentored in the workplace.

We are a thriving Dance studio with over 1000 students that delivers professional, innovative, and dynamic dance tuition for children, teenagers, and adults. Our business is centered on using meaningful dance experiences, to accelerate and champion our clients and students, at all stages of their lives. Going beyond teaching dance steps – We are an organization committed to empowering our clients, and creating a positive and inclusive environment where they can thrive. K2Dance is dedicated to inspiring, boosting confidence, improving health, and ensuring the satisfaction of students, clients, and staff.

The K2Dance Story

Kristin and Kristal have been best friends since high school and we have a very unique business story as Women entrepreneurs! They are proud to be instrumental in changing the lives of so many of our students, through the transformative power of Dance Education, and offer a truly unique experience.

Our Directors & Staff

Principal teachers and owners Kristal Twight and Kristin Keighery are qualified teachers, both holding Bachelors of Education. Kristal and Kristin have a wealth of experience in both Primary and Secondary school environments as well as in the professional dance arena. They bring a breadth and depth of knowledge, skill and technique to the learning environment as well as high-quality teaching and excellence in dance performance.

Alongside Kristin and Kristal, K2Dance have a highly educated, experienced and talented teaching faculty. Visit our staff page to find out more about our wonderful, dedicated teaching, assisting and administrative staff.