Learning to dance is mentally and physically enriching and rewarding for all. Dancing can improve your mood while you learn, move, and perform. In fact, many people take dance classes because they put them in a good mood; easing depression and anxiety.

At K2Dance we encourage all students to experience the joy of Dance in a range of different styles! K2Dance caters to all abilities with a strong emphasis on differentiated learning in the dance studio. K2Dance Directors are both qualified educators, holding Bachelors of Education in Primary and Secondary sectors. At K2Dance we encourage holistic and creative learning as well as appreciating and embodying the Art of Dance.

K2Dance creates a dynamic Dance timetable that caters to all age groups and our four state-of-the-art Dance studios enable siblings to be dropped off for classes at the same time on the same day. K2Dance also offers a study room for High School students to study between classes!

Come down and start your Dance Journey at K2Dance …

Life is better when you dance!