K2 Dance is in a class of its own. The professionalism, dedication and passion from choreographers and dancers were exceptional for the Saba Rose Button Ball.

The performance showcased a wide variety of dance genres, movement and the dancers were well-rehearsed and flawless. A truly beautiful performance that bought tears to my eyes.

Thank you K2 Dance!

Laura Brockhurst, Saba Rose Button Foundation

Our daughter Madison has been attending K2 Dance for 2 years now. Owners and teachers, Kristin and Kristal have been integral in inspiring Madi’s Passion and enjoyment of dance. What started out as just hip hop classes has now progressed to jazz, contemporary and acrobatics for our very enthusiastic daughter.

Not only is the school of an incredibly high standard, but Kristin and Kristal, along with their staff, are so very nurturing and committed to all the children. Their teaching backgrounds in dance and education set the school apart, and they are always exposing the children to different aspects of dance through workshops facilitated by international dancers.

I cannot speak highly enough of K2 Dance, it is our daughters’ passion, therefore it is our passion too.

Adrian Barich, Parent

I have been so delighted with the K2Dance Experience. Both Kristin and Kristal have teaching degrees and this is apparent in the way they run all their classes. My 5-year-old son is in the Boys Breaks class and I am in awe of the way the Boys Breaks classes are run. Working at a boys’ school myself, I can see the boy’s sessions are pitched perfectly, with lots of short, sharp activities that keep the boys engaged, and routines that appeal to the boys’ interests.

Amanda Ritchie, Parent

I have three daughters that had the good fortune to learn at K2 Dance since its inception in 2011.

Kristen and Kristal have created a positive, ethical and nurturing environment above all their knowledge and skill are clearly demonstrated with students at all levels. This is especially evident in their annual Dance showcase, the level of professionalism and expertise far exceeds any expectations.

One of my daughters guided by K2 staff was selected to perform her ATAR set solo at the performing Arts Perspectives in 2016 whilst the other was accepted into WA Dance “Steps” programme whilst under the auspices of K2.

They were also lucky enough to become part of the staff after completing school. I miss my interaction with K2 Dance now that my girls have grown but still continue a strong friendship with them.

Liz Gubbay
Freshwater Bay

K2Dance has been a big part of our family for 9 years.

Directors Kristin and Kristal have been an integral part of Rubys dance training, inspiring and exposing her to many workshops throughout the year with Australian and Internationally renowned choreographers. This opened up Rubys dance world and led her to audition for dance schools in Sydney, successfully.

At K2Dance, students are able to learn in every genre of dance from hiphop to ballet, with some of the most talented, highly qualified and professionally trained teachers. The care, commitment and nurturing nature of these teachers makes for confident happy dancers.

The dynamic duo, Kristin and Kristal’s background in education teaching and dance is what I believe makes K2Dance a truly unique dance studio.

We are so very thankful to K2Dance for creating a safe and happy place of dance for our daughter. “They are my dance family.”

Simone Hart
Mosman Park

K2Dance is so much more than a dance school. In K2Dance, Kristin Keighery and Kristal Twight have created a dynamic place of excellence, where students are not only able to learn every genre of dance at the highest level, they also thrive in an environment in which respect for others and themselves, patience and confidence are fostered.

One of the many things that make K2Dance so unique is that not only do the students have outstanding, highly educated & qualified class teachers, they are incredibly fortunate to gain regular exposure to a vast array of internationally renowned guest choreographers, through Kristal and Kristin’s extensive network of industry contacts.

This gives our young dancers the opportunity to learn the absolute latest in dance styles and techniques from world-class experts. This has included exciting opportunities, such as being taught by four young finalists from the popular tv show, So You Think You Can Dance. Everything about K2Dance is fresh, new and creative. Their reputation speaks for itself and their performances are well renowned and breathtaking.

They truly are in a league of their own. I am so delighted that my daughters are continually inspired, challenged and nurtured at K2Dance.

Cate Mactier