K2X Online Dance Program

(Offered During WA Covid-19 Lockdown periods ONLY)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 K2Dance directors created K2X, an online dance program that offered live Zoom classes alongside pre-recorded dance classes to all of the K2Dance clients.

The K2Dance directors worked hard on a new initiative to provide dance learning to the K2Dance community, outside of the traditional studio. They created a series of packages to enable dancers to engage in ‘live’ classes through online learning, as well as pre-recorded classes families can engage in at any time. They were very aware of the economic considerations and financial difficulties at this time. Therefore, these packages were as affordable as possible, hoping that as many of the dancers were able to continue with K2Dance and they could provide a wonderful teaching faculty with employment at this time. Launched in April 2020 – K2X!

K2X – Extension Outside of the Studio Walls

The K2X online program ran in 4-week packages to keep up with evolving and changing situations. This online series of packages consist of live Zoom classes and pre-recorded classes placed on Vimeo (access anytime through a private link).

Zoom Classes

Each week a timetable of ‘live’ launched, with classes taught by our faculty via Zoom. This platform allows for interaction between class participants and the teacher, and the teacher can give feedback to their class, as well as the class interact with each other. All ‘live’ classes are 30 minutes in length.

Pre-recorded Classes

A library of classes was created, with 7 classes each week uploaded to Vimeo, at the beginning of the week. These could be accessed at any time and enjoyed by the whole family! These classes consist of a Tinies class, Junior Jazz, Lyrical, Intermediate/Senior Jazz, Hip Hop Junior and Intermediate/Senior Hip Hop. (These are different classes to the live classes in the same style).

In addition, one ‘special class’ was uploaded each week. For example; a class from Tyrone in Japan, Yoga/conditioning classes, Pilates classes, Kicks, Leaps and Turns tutorials.



Access all pre-recorded class access only



Access all pre-recorded classes and enroll in one live class per week



Access all pre-recorded classes and enroll in 2-3 live classes per week



Access all pre-recorded classes and enroll in 4-5 live classes per week


With each of package three and four live classes can be made up of an individual student or family members, e.g., package three could be 3 siblings enroling in one class each. 

On any subscription, all members of the family can do the pre-recorded classes to encourage Dance in the home!