Aisha Pound

Teaching Staff

Aisha Began her Journey in Dance at the age of 3 at Johnny Talent School, where she trained in Jazz, Tap, Funk and Ballet.

Before fully immersing herself in the dance industry, Aisha honed her customer service skills through various roles in the service industry. These experiences taught her the value of communication, empathy, and problem-solving, skills that would later prove invaluable in her role at K2dance. Aisha spent eight years working in First Class and Business as a Flight stewardess for EMIRATES airlines and a further four years in the same role with Virgin Australia.

A testimonial  from Aisha,

From the Skies to the Studio

Before dedicating myself to K2dance, I embarked on an adventurous career as a flight attendant. For eight years, I served passengers on Network Aviation, Emirates First Class, and Virgin Airlines. Though the skies were exhilarating, I realized that my true calling lay in the dance industry and the fulfilling role of supporting and guiding young dancers.

Embracing Change and Following My Heart

Recognizing my love for the dance industry and desire to be part of the administration team, I transitioned from the airline industry to work as a Chiropractic assistant. However, my heart remained with K2dance, and I knew it was time to return to my true passion.

My life’s journey has been one of dedication, passion, and a pursuit of happiness. From my early days as a young dancer to becoming a proud member of the K2dance administration team, I have embraced challenges, adapted to change, and followed my heart. Each step of this journey has shaped me into the person I am today, and I am grateful for the opportunity to inspire and guide young dancers as they discover their own love for dance. My commitment to K2dance and the dance industry remains unwavering, and I look forward to continuing this fulfilling journey for years to come.