Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic flowing yoga class. Vinyasa is a faster-paced flowing style class to get the heart rate up and help build strength and flexibility. This is also the class where you will learn the foundations of arm balancing and inversions. This class will cater to all levels from absolute beginner to advanced yoga practitioners.


Gentle Yoga is a slower more restorative practice incorporating more yin-style postures with a gentle flowing element to the practice. The class is designed to help with mobility through gentle flowing sequences and postures. This class is suitable for all levels and will help even the most in-flexible people find space in their body and breath.


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Concession: $22 / class
Must be booked in person with valid concession card.


You are quite likely to find Haydn upside down; he loves handstands, arm balances and inversions. Haydn comes from a gymnastics background and spent many years as a professional theatrical dancer and acrobat touring all over the world. Haydn initially practiced yoga as a way to keep his body flexible, strong and injury free. Now he enjoys the balance of the physical practice; working with the breath to tune into the fluctuations of the mind.

“Who knew I could challenge my entire being while having an awesome time getting super sweaty on my yoga mat?” 

With Haydn’s acrobatics, dance and functional fitness background you can expect a well-balanced physical practice with loads of options and variations for all levels, a rhythmical flow of breath and body, thought-provoking philosophy to bring to our modern-day lives… and of course, a laugh along the way.