Keshia Olivierre

Teaching Staff

Kesh trained with a range of local studios, before moving interstate at the age of 15 when she was accepted into Tanya Pearson’s Classical Coaching Academy. During her early years Kesh was accepted into the Royal Ballet White Lodge summer intensive and competed in world-renowned competitions such as the Genée International Ballet Competition and the Alana Haines Australasian Awards. Kesh returned home to WA and completed her tertiary education at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAPPA).

Kesh started her international dance career in Portugal with Metamorphosis Dance company under the directorship of Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich and since then has continued to work independently with many respected artists in the industry such as Nils Christie, Travis Wall, Xianrong Xiao, Natalie Allen, Lewis Major, Cass Mortimer- Eipper and Emma Sandal.

Recently, Kesh has choreographed for the Dream Creative and completed the Dream Dance Show Business course under the guidance of Marko Panzic and Katie Sanchez, as well as, taking on a new role as an examiner for the Asia Pacific Dance Association.